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    Regarding Jboss deploying war

    Akshay Ajmani Newbie

      I am new to Jboss. I had a question regarding deploying war in Jboss.
      When I deploy my application war in Jboss, is there a way I can make Jboss expand that war into a directory structure which happens while deploying a war in tomcat server.

      For ex: if I have a war named dms.war.Then after deploying it, it should expand to DMS folder which would further contain folders like WEB-INF/classes and so on (similar to a web application structure in tomcat).
      Note:I already have this structure defined in my project which I created using eclipse but after creating and deploying the war, I want the war to expand to the same structure.

      The reason is I have a file path defined in the project as
      ../server/default/deploy/dms/WEB-INF/file.txt which I need to use.This is defined in spring context xml file.

      Since the war on deployment does not expand to the directory structure I get file not found exception.

      Please provide your inputs regarding the same.