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    Is it possible to create multiplatform installer forjava pr

    Vikash srivastava Newbie

      I am trying to create multiplatform installer for java projects. Main motive to create this installer are as follows

      1. Install the jboss on system.
      2. update the configuration information(eg. database information) submitted
      by the user on installer dialoug during installation
      3. Read or execute the java class file before installation complete.
      4. Start the Jboss services before installation complete

      Is any one have any idea, how to create such type of installer.........

      Thx in advance.
      Vikash Srivastava

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          Peter Johnson Master

          First thing to do is write down detailed notes on how to do this manually for every platform you are planning to support.

          The next thing to do is to look for a tool that will aide you in this and that supports all of the platforms you need. I have used InstallShield (there is a version for platform-independent installs) but there are other tools for doing this. I have even used an Ant script to do this (though it was not a 1-click install).

          Most such tools provide built-in support for typical installation tasks (copying files, setting up a service), and provide hooks or some other means to add custom scripts to do things such as set up the *-ds.xml fille. So then you have to take your installation notes and figure out how to best use the tool to accomplish those tasks.