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    deployement error while start the jboss 4.0.3 server

    Arun Kumar Newbie

      hi Arun here,

      Can anyone Fix me a problem which iam facing while starting the server of jboss 4.0.3.which i have two EAR file in my deploy folder in a single jboss server.While starting the server one EAR is deployed fine but another one is getting deployement error in the console.If anyone knows the solution then please reply me ASAP..........bye



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          Peter Johnson Master

          Well you could simply not deploy the EAR getting a deployment error - that should prevent the deployment error from showing up on the console. (I assume that your question was about how to get the deployment error not to show up because if your question was how to fix the EAR so that it deploys you would have posted deployment error that you are getting - the first exception stack that shows up in the console.)

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