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    Configure jboss to use multiples auth methods in the same si

    Miguel Alcalde Newbie

      Hi All

      I'm working in a project where users can be authetificated by username/password OR X509 certificate.

      we're having problems in order to integrate both methods. We tried two lines

      a) Configure server.xml in SSL connector with clientAuth="true". Users with a valid certificate run well. Browser show a dialog asking a certificate, users select one and can navigating without problems.

      Users with basic mechanism (username/password) are excluded from ssl side.

      b) Configure 2 security constraints in web.xml
      mysite/cert/* -> with CLIENT-CERT
      mysite/basic/* -> with BASIC

      Now users with username/password can navaigate without problems, however never ask for a certificate in mysite/cert/XXX .

      Exists any way to solve this issue?

      thank in advanced