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    Encoding problem

    Mad Rug Newbie


      I'm trying to fix an encoding problem, but so far, no success.

      I want to work with UTF-8. I can store UTF-8 data (I use latin characters), read from the database and display it, without problems. The only issue is when form data is sent from the browser to the server. I use Spring Framework and Spring MVC, and the command objects that I get inside the server already have encoding issues ('á' becomes 'á').

      What I already tried:
      - my JSP encoding is set to UTF-8 by 'page' directive
      - set encoding by inside
      - set encoding for tags
      - use URIEncoding for the connector in server.xml
      - calling 'request.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8");' before getting the parameters from the request (command objects are assembled by the framework, so I tested it inside the 'onBind' method)

      None of these solved the issue. Calling 'request.getCharacterEncoding();' returns null, so I guess I haven't found the right place to set the encoding.

      Anyone can help me? Where do I have to set the encoding?

      Many thanks!