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    can a single application be undeployed?

    Kelly Dolan Newbie

      if i have a jboss instance running multiple applications (e.g., ears),

      * can i undeploy (i.e., shutdown) one application only without removing it from the deploy directory?
      * if so, how - from an admin console? programmatically?
      * finally, what is the earliest version of jboss this works in?

      the basic scenario i need to support is:

      1. jboss service starts w/ multiple applications (all running)
      2. application A shuts application B down
      3. application A performs some kind of an update (which cannot occur if application B is running)
      4. application A re-starts application B

      i cannot shut the entire jboss service down because application A must still continue to run.

      i do not have control over both applications so it's not possible to build in some kind of communication that allows both to run but application B to appear "stopped" to users for the time of the update.

      finally, i do not have control over the jboss version the applications are running in. i do not believe the applications will be running in the latest version but i don't know what version it is.

      thanks! i greatly appreciate the feedback.

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          jaikiran pai Master

          You can stop an individual application through the admin console (available by default since 5.1.0). However if you want to do something similar in earlier versions of JBoss, you can use the MainDeployer MBean through the jmx-console. From what i remember, that MBean has an undeploy method which accepts the URL to the deployed application. I don't have access to my JBoss system right now, so can't confirm this or how the undeploy behaves.