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    JBoss 4.2.1 HTTPS connections problem

    Leontin Birsan Newbie

      I am using HTTPS connector and all works fine until the following scenario happends:
      1) browser sends request (server gets it)
      2) server is bussy processing it (JSP, struts)
      3) connection is dropped by:
      - browser refresh, or
      - using a new link
      The result is that the processing thread remains open indefinetly, as can be seen in http://localhost:8080/status. Problem is that the CPU goes 100% after that. Few requests like that and all CPU cores are locked up and the server nearly freezes. I have to restart JBoss after that.

      Server runs on CentOS 5.3. I could not reproduce it on Windows. Debugger attached shows a stack trace 100% in JBoss libraries.

      The HTTPS connector is configured with no particullar settings (keystore removed):

      Any ideeas of a setting to avoid this?