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    Control EAR-deploy-order

    Hardy Massen Novice


      I've learned, that I can fine tune the order in which e.g. ear-files are deployed during server startup in several ways:

      1. make a SAR with the ears
      2. use a folder deploy.last
      3. edit EnhancedSuffixOrder in org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer-xmbean

      Is there a fourth way to set startup-order?

      I would want to use the EnhancedSuffixOrder, but I have the problem, that there is a dynamic version-string at the end of my filenames:

      Ear first: A-
      Ear second: B-

      So a ordering "...600:A-,620:B-,650:.ear, ..." will work for these releases but not for further releases.

      I tried "...600:A*.EAR,620:B*.EAR,650:.ear, ..." which didn't work.

      Is there a way to use wild-cards in here? (Using a SAR and the folder deploy.last are not that practible in my case)

      Regards, LeoLo