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    need to configure wildcard subdomains for a virtual host in

    Markus Kühle Newbie

      is there any chance to configure a virtual host in JBoss 5.1 to redirect any subdomain to one configured virtual host. Examples of the subdomains:

      The goal is to read a subdomain as configuration element in a servlet filter and give the caller his personal view to the application in ervery request. But unfortunately the Alias alement can't handle wildcards:

      <Host name="vhost-name" autoDeploy="false" deployOnStartup="false" deployXML="false">

      The jboss-web.xml configuration is:

      The URL http://domain.tld:8080/ works fine but it doesn't work with any subdomain e. g. http://sub4.domain.tld.

      Is there any way/chance to solve this with JBoss 5.1? Or does a solution with apache 2.2 and mod_rewrite and/or mod_jk exist for this problem?

      Any hint is welcome =)