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    multiple domains on single JBoss instance

    Amar Vyawhare Newbie

      I have two domains ( abc.xyz.com & lmn.pqr.com) mapped to my machine ip.

      Now, I wish a user, simply by entering abc.xyz.com into her browser should be able to access a war file xyz.war on my JBoss 5 server.

      Similarly, an entry lmn.pqr.com in browser should lead her to pqr.war on the same JBoss instance.

      I am fronting my JBoss with Apache httpd web server and using mod_jk as communication means in between web and app servers.

      Can any one please suggest the ways to achieve this, possibly along with code samples.

      My Apache-mod_jk-JBoss5 configuration is working fine, probably all I need is only virtual host settings, uriworkermap settings with samples.

      Thanks in advance.