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    One deploy dir per user

    Peter Lupo Newbie

      Hi everyone.
      I'm from a large brazilian university and I have been presented the following problem from the laboratory administrators of a computer science department who are seeking to provide JBoss AS for the students.

      ATM, each user has a login and a home directory. At this home dir, there is a public_html where files can be placed to be served by Apache HTTPD (for those who know it, that is made with mod_userdir /home//public_html makes it available at /~).

      In order to provide JBoss AS, it would be nice if one could set it up like that. Indicate a directory in user's profile which would be scanned for deployment and make the application available at some url also configurable.

      So, to be short: I want one instance of JBoss AS scanning multiple dirs for applications to be made available at different urls, depending on the dir, with each dir related to a particular user.

      Can anyone say how it can be done with AS5?

      Thank you, in advance.