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    Feature questions

    Matthias Kahlau Newbie

      Good day!

      I?m a consultant and developer of the Catenic Financial Management Solutions AG located in Germany. I'm pleased to see the RichFaces project upcoming as a new option in the JSf components market. But our commercial application has high demands, so we have some important questions regarding deployment and development of RichFaces based applications:

      1) Which browsers does RichFaces support?

      2) Which application servers does RichFaces support? We need to support JBoss, IBM Websphere, Bea Weblogic, SAP Netweaver.

      3) Is it possible to use components of other JSF/Ajax libraries in conjunction with RichFaces? Are there any restrictions?

      4) Do you support table sorting out-of-the-box?

      5) Do you support multiple table row selection out-of-the-box?

      6) Do you support drag and drop of multiple table row selections?

      7) Do you support a popup calendar component?

      8) Do you support multiple tree node selection?

      9) Do you support drag and drop of multiple tree node selections?

      10) Do you support a file upload component?

      11) Do you support a progress bar component?

      Many thanks for answering our questions.