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    Change Class Loader Behavior to  load classes from the appli

    Oz Levanon Newbie

      Hi, I'm developing an application (WAR) which has some jars which class with jboss's jars. I'm using Jboss 4.0.2
      I want to make jboss load the classes from my application jars first. I've search the web and the wiki, but all I can find are things like this:

      For .war files, in your jboss-web.xml, the following template applies:


      I don't understand what values I'm supposed to put in the loader-repository tag.
      Can you please tell me how to deploy a WAR and have Jboss use the WAR's jar first when looking for classes (I'd appreciate it if you can explicitly tell me which files to change and what their contents should be)?

      Thanks a lot,