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    Problem with IIS7(on windows 2008) with JBOSS 430 on 64bit e

    Ramkumar MP Newbie

      Anybody configured/using IIS7(64bit) installed on Windows 2008(64bit) with JBOSS 4.3.x or JBOSS 4.x?

      IIS7(64bit), Windows 2008(64bit), JBOSS(64bit) - Notworking
      IIS7(32bit), Windows 2008(32bit), JBOSS(32bit) - Working fine.

      I have googled alot but I could find this topic. Can some one tell me whether it works on 64bit or not.

      Even after placing the 64bit mod_jk binaries, I am facing this problem. Hence I would like to know if some one succeeded on this or not?

      Note: I have configured on the same environment but on 32bit as given the guide http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/IIS7withJBOSS430. This I have prepare with screenshots after doing the setup based on the http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/UsingModjk12WithJBossAndIIS7 document


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          Ramkumar MP Newbie

          I have solved the problem temporarily by compromising as below.

          I have followed the same guide. But only the cahage is instead of creating the registry entry. I have created a text file with name isapi_redirect.properties and placed in bin folder. Used 32bit isapi_redirect-1.2.28.dll.

          The environment is as below:
          Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition(64bit)
          IIS 7 (64bit) but isapi_redirect.dll is 32bit
          Started working.
          But still I want to use my application completely with 64bit environment, if I use 64bit dll it is not working. Can some one help me if there are any additional steps to be done.

          Thanks & Regards,