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    Web Configuration with all admin tools

    Bob Walker Newbie

      I'd like to use a configuration based on the 'web' configuration, but add the other two admin tools: Admin console, and web-console (jmx-console already comes bundled).
      I've added admin-console.war and management/* from the 'default' config to the 'web' config.
      Admin console works, but web-console does not.
      The following errors are probably related and appear at startup:

      10:33:13,096 ERROR [ProfileServiceBootstrap] Failed to load profile: Summary of incomplete deployments (SEE PREVIOUS ERRORS FOR DETAILS):
       Deployment "jboss.admin:service=PluginManager" is missing the following dependencies:
       Dependency "jboss.jmx:name=Invoker,protocol=jrmp,service=proxyFactory,type=adaptor" (should be in state "Create", but is actually in state "** NOT FOUND Depends on 'jboss.jmx:name=Invoker,protocol=jrmp,service=proxyFactory,type=adaptor' **")
       Deployment "jboss.web.deployment:war=/web-console" is missing the following dependencies:
       Dependency "jboss.admin:service=PluginManager" (should be in state "Create", but is actually in state "Configured")
       Deployment "jboss.jmx:name=Invoker,protocol=jrmp,service=proxyFactory,type=adaptor" is in error due to the following reason(s): ** NOT FOUND Depends on 'jboss.jmx:name=Invoker,protocol=jrmp,service=proxyFactory,type=adaptor' **

      What else do I need to add to add to the 'web' configuration to make the web-console work? If there is a document somewhere that tells how to add/remove services (and the interdependencies) that would help also.
      Thanks, Bob.

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          Bob Walker Newbie

          Well, it appears as if this question is moot. When adding the Admin Console to the 'web' configuration, there is nothing to manage, so perhaps I'm going down the wrong path by starting with 'web' and building up. I've also started with 'default' and attempted to take away services, but haven't been successful with that either.

          Perhaps the question is more along the lines of:
          'Where can I find information about configurations and services.'
          I would like to develop a configuration that is lighter than 'default', I only need a web servlet container, but with some adminstration tools.

          Thanks, Bob.

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            jaikiran pai Master

            I would go with your latter approach of trimming down the "default" configuration. Here's a guide for AS-4.x http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/JBoss4xSlimming but probably would similarly apply to AS-5 (with changes the file names/locations).
            Even though there is a wiki around this specifically for AS-5 http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/JBoss5xTuningSlimming, it is not as complete as the AS-4 version.

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              Savas Ali Tokmen Newbie



              In order to have the JBoss Web console on the web profile, one needs to copy the "management" folder from the JBoss default configuration into web.


              But, this will result in an error. If you read carefully, the error message says: NOT FOUND Depends on 'jboss.jmx:name=Invoker,protocol=jrmp,service=proxyFactory,type=adaptor' **


              That message actually means that the JBoss proxy factory invoker adaptor, based on the JRMP protocol, cannot be found. Differently from the default profile, the web profile deploys that component using the HTTP protocol. That declaration is actually defined in jmx-invoker-service.xml.


              Now, to make the JBoss web console use the HTTP JMX invoker:


              • Open the file management/console-mgr.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml
              • Find the declaration: <depends>jboss.jmx:type=adaptor,name=Invoker,protocol=http,service=proxyFactory</depends>
              • In that line, change jrmp into http
              • Restart JBoss (that change is not taken into account in real time sometimes)


              Voilà. Everything should be working perfectly now.


              Enjoy the JBoss Web console in the lightweight web profile


              S. Ali Tokmen


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                Rodrigo Uchoa Novice

                I'm having a similar issue.


                I think the jmx stuff is not all working, since when I switched to the web profile I can't startup nor shutdown jboss 5.1 properly. It seems that the shutdown/startup pollers are not working.


                Instead of having to set a timeout value, does anyone know how to turn these pollers back on when using the web profile?