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    jboss 5.1.0/railo 3.1.1 context problem?

    Tim Clarke Newbie

      Getting a message "Document base /usr/local/jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/
      default/deploy/railo/WEB-INF/web.xml does not exist or is not a
      readable directory" whenever I place my railo files in my jboss deploy
      folder. Any ideas please? Details below.


      On Fedora 11 I've deployed jboss successfully in /usr/local/jboss - it
      starts without errors and presents the management page on :8080.
      That's great; easy and quick.

      Simply dropping the railo.war file into "(jbossroot)/server/default/
      deploy/" yields "Failed to create a new SAX parser" - I cured that by
      exploding the .war and removing the conflicting jars.

      I am now trying to deploy by copying the tree forming the exploded
      railo war contents to "(jbossroot)/server/default/deploy/railo/". All
      files/folders in the jboss folder tree and railo folder tree are owned
      jboss:jboss with rights 664/775. Pertinent stuff (I think?) from railo/
      WEB-INF/web.xml file is:


      CFML runtime Engine
      Configuraton directory</

      But I've been struggling to work out what that all means. The error
      message "Document base ... does not exist or is not a readable
      directory" isn't helping me - I haven't set a document base parameter?