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    Forcing a .war to load after a .ear

    Ignacio de Cordoba Novice

      I had several applications installed in JBoss 4 and had no problems with them. I had modified deployment sorter to make war file deploy after the corresponding ear file. For come reasons I need to have the war file outside the ear file, which only contains .jar files with EJBs. This was no problem for JBoss 4.

      I am trying to migrate to JBoss 5. After some minor changes in code lookup, they work ok, but I cannot make war's to deploy after .ear when launching JBoss (When JBoss is runningI touch web.xml and they deploy OK)

      I've read in several threads I can use "depends" tag in jboss-web.xml file. I've done it inserting there the JMX id of some EJBs.


      Then, I start JBoss and the war actually loads after the ear, but it seems that the ear is not already fully loaded. I get the following error:

      2009-10-25 13:46:36,195 ERROR [com.servengine.util.ServletContextUtils] (HDScanner) ServletContextUtils: RuntimeException:
      org.jboss.ejb3.common.registrar.spi.NotBoundException: Object is bound at key jboss.j2ee:ear=tuportal3.ear,jar=tuportal3.jar,name=PortalManager,service=EJB3, but is not fully installed, instead of state: ControllerState@1ba6b028{Start}

      The id of the EJB (PortalManager) is right as when deploying the war manually (touching web.xml) it works ok.

      Any ideas about what I am missing?

      By the way. I cannot find the .ear it self when browsing jboss.deployment MBean in JMX Console. I just see an entry for every EJB. Is it possible to refer to the .ear itself some way in "depends" property in jboss-web.xml so my war does depend on the .ear and not on a particular EJB(s) in that ear?

      thanks for any help