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    Multiple JBoss instances vs. one "big" JBoss with different

    Ignacio de Cordoba Novice

      I start this thread to get opinions on which is the best approach when needing to deploy multiple different applications in the same server.
      I've been using JBoss for years starting with version 3. During this time I've used a couple of JBoss instances with scope class loading, even though docs state that disabling unified class loading and enabling marshaning (CallByValue?) is CPU consuming.

      I am migrating now to JBoss 5.1 and have decided to test keeping unified class loading and starting multiple JBoss'es in differennt localhost IPs. (I cannot deploy different applications in the same instance as I have many version conflicts. I use multiple versions of my own EJB3 component library)
      These JBoss will need less memory than the previous one and only JBoss. Of course, they are faster now.

      is this approach right? I use MacOS and its Java VM, while not specially fast, it is suppoused to handle memory sharing between different java instances.

      Maybe there is a different approach for deploying different apps in the same server... as far as I know there is no way to enable isolated class loading without enabling "CallByValue"... is there?

      Thanks for any advice/experiences.