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    Applet deployment

    Nuno Teodoro Newbie

      Hi all, i'm stuck with a problem here, i hope you can help me. I have an applet which i want to deploy with jboss. the problem is i only can load the .html file, the applet is not loaded, and the error i get is that the classes are not found.

      Everything works outside jboss but somehow it cannot find the class code.

      Here's what i've done: I have a .html file and a classes directory (which contains the .class files for the applet).
      I made a .war file with those 2 items.
      I placed that .war file under <jboss path>server/default/deploy

      i opened the file in the browser and i can see the html code but the applet is not loaded because it cannot find the classes. But why, if they are in the same directory(the .war file)?

      Thanks for your help.