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    Setting Multiple Instances for JBoss-4.2.3 GA

    Max Wenzel Newbie

      I try to run two instances of JBoss 4.2.3 on one machine. I use the sample-bindings.xml (via the ServiceBindingManager) to override the various ports. All other ports are being overridden except the webservice which continue to run on port 8080.
      I googelized this, but I only found:

      Start up your server and it is now listening on the set of ports from the ports-01
      section of the binding-manager.xml file. If you are running JBoss on Windows,
      depending upon the service wrapper you are using, you might have to delete
      the service and re-create it. I've seen some service wrappers (like the one
      that ships with some versions of Covalent Enterprise Ready Server for tomcat)
      that does not re-read configuration updates unless the service is removed and

      Bit it doesn't seem to help. Can anyone help me?