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    Encoding error windows vs linux

    gar jar Newbie


      I have an application running on local machine, test server and server.
      This application hava a page thats uses lib commons-fileupload to upload a file and some data. This form is a multipart/form-data. Data is stored on Oracle 9i database and file to some folder.
      All aplication and files are set to iso-8859-1.
      All is running correctly on local machine and test server (jboss-3.2.8-sp1, jdk.1.5.0_12, windows xp), but when I put app to server (linux, with same jboss), forms that his enctype is multipart/form-data, some data's characters from form are corrupted and saved to database like in example: Data from form->fundación
      We get -> "fundaci?n"

      This only happends on server machine (linux). There are some configuration on jboss to resolve this problem?