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    any chance of a clustering backport?

    Craig Day Newbie

      big ask i know, but is there any chance of backporting the
      clustering to 2.4 series. in a few weeks im going to be in
      a shoot-out with oracle 9ias, orionserver and jboss where
      clustering is crucial... my problem i know, but just wondering. actually if someone else doesnt have the time i
      could tackle it, if the designers think its possible without too much drama.


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          Sacha Labourey Master


          Porting clustering will not be done (at least by me or Bill) as it relies on some 3.0 features such as detached-invokers, ...

          Plus, 3.0 will be out in a few weeks (2?).

          What kind of requirements do you have? if you only work with SLSB as facade, you may simply use 2.4.5 with pessimistic locking and load-balancer in front of your farm.