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    New Members joining a cluster and remote stubs etc.

    Paul Smith Newbie

      Firstly hats off to you for an impressive product, both Jboss 2.4 and v3 have worked first time out of the box. Don't see that often today. Secondly, hats off again for the excellent documentation. wow.

      Okay, the question. Can someone explain a little about how the remote stub retrieved from JNDI by a client is notified, or understands that a new member has joined the cluster? I am assuming the smarts are in the stub, but maybe not..


      1. Server 1 starts up as the first to join DefaultPartition

      2. Client 1 does lookup and gets the stub/home/remote for EJB 'MyEJB', and does some work

      3. Server 2 and 3 join the cluster

      4. Client 1 decides to do some more work with 'MyEJB'.

      At this point how does the stub on Client 1 know that there are 2 more members that can service the request?

      If this is in the docs and I just missed it or misunderstood the significance, just point me to a page reference to the JBossCMP.pdf and I'll read it again.

      cheers, and thanks again.