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    round robin problem

    mantelus Newbie

      Hi there,

      a few time ago someone posted that he has the problem
      that appearently all ejb calls go to the last node that
      joined the cluster.

      The same problem applies to me. I'm using JBoss 3.0 (final) and used the default cluster.xml from the all

      I am using a SLSB printing "hello" to the screen, both servers got the same .jar files in the deploy directories.
      I set the tag in jboss.xml.

      my client creates a new context, performes a lookup and execute the call in each iteration of a loop.

      only the second server is called.

      Can someone help me?

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          Detourniere François-Xavier Newbie

          I use clustering for SLSB without any problem, just putting clustering in jboss.xml, so few questions ?
          - Have you deployed the jar on the two servers if you don't use farming ?
          - If you use farming, look if the application has been deployed well on the two servers

          That's all. The first time I had problems, it was because I forgot to deploy on the second server :)

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            Jerry Smith Newbie

            With the 3.0.0 release I was seeing the same problem. If the jar wasn't deployed via the farm it would not round-robin. Failover would continue to work though. Bill Burke is aware of the the problem. It may be fixed in the 3.0.1rc1 source, I haven't had a chance to check it out.