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    RichFaces Datatable Question

    Blue Newbie

      Hello All,

      Sorry if this question has already been asked but I searched and I couldn't find what I was looking for (maybe I didn't use the right terms) ...But I wanted to know if it is possible using Ajax4jsf and RichFaces to have a datatable that has an edit button or link that when clicked is makes that row an edit interface (so instead of showing text it would show the text in input textbox or whatever components that you want)...The text would be able to be changed...the edit button would be changed to a save button...Then once saved it would return to its normal state showing the changes...Is this possible using RichFaces and Ajax4Jsf? Does anybody have some example code that would show this...Or maybe this question has already been answer and you kow the the link to the forum post that would help me get on the right track.