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    Clustering error

    Scott Newbie

      Hi. I've got JBoss 3.0.0 with tomcat 4.0.3, running on solaris 8 with jdk 1.4.0. I'm trying to cluster 2 of these machines. There was a file named cluster-service.xml in server/all, but I didn't see any deployment feedback for it on startup, so I copied it into server/default. I didn't change anything in it. When i start up, after "[ClusterPartition] Creating" it throws "NoClassDefFoundError: org/javagroups/JChannel"

      Do I need to get other software for javagroups? Is it not part of JBoss? Also, on a side-note, what is the purpose of the files in server/all? I assumed from the name that those files were deployed in all configurations, but I wasn't seeing output for the cluster-service.xml. Does the deployment output for these files get written to screen under normal (non-debugging) circumstances?


      ps - if you need the output verbatim to diagnose this, let me know. It's on another computer and i didn't want to go to the trouble of getting it

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          Ulrich Romahn Newbie


          I ran into the same issue after installing 3.0.0 - I was so used from the beta that clustering is on by default.

          Anyways, I can't tell you what exactly is missing, but the solution should be simple:

          By default, clustering is not activated in JBoss. However, in the $JBOSS_HOME/server directory, you find three configuration folders: 'all', 'default', and 'minimal'. As you can imagine, by default the 'default' config is used.
          There are two ways to switch on clustering:
          a) start jboss with a command line switch to use the 'all' config (unfortunately, I don't know the exact syntax), or
          b) rename 'default' to 'nocluster' and 'all' to 'default'.

          Now you should see the clustering option coming up.

          Have fun,

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            Thomas Peuss Newbie

            Copy server/all/lib/javagroups20.jar to server/default/lib

            This enables the cluster services in JBoss. But be aware that this does NOT enable httpsession clustering!

            You need to deploy jbossha-httpsession.sar. This is not in the binary distribution. You have to compile JBoss yourself to get it. It is in cluster/output/lib after compilation.


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              Sacha Labourey Master

              ... and don't forget to add cluster-service.xml and jboss-ha.jar! Javagroups.jar is necessary for clustering but doesn't activate jboss clustering by itself.