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    Cannot connect to the HA-JNDI...

    Frederic Soulier Newbie


      I have an application (ear) deployed in Jboss 3.0.0/Tomcat4.0.3 server(all) with clustering enabled.

      My client tries to lookup an EJB and the lookup fails with the following error message:
      Failed to connect to server

      jndi.properties (in client path)

      The empty URL is ok because client and server runs on different machine on same LAN and the auto discovery works (the server runs on and the HA-JNDI port is 55555 which is what appear in the error message).

      To make sure, my setup was ok, I deployed the same application (ear) with False in jboss.xml using server(default) and:
      and bingo the lookup worked.

      What can stop the client to connect to the HA-JNDI in clustered mode?