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    Distributed HTTPSessions and IP Migration/Failover

    Dennis Cartier Newbie

      I have been struggling with trying to have an HTTP session to fail over to a different JBoss host *without* a new session being created instead of the old one being reused.

      I think I have setup the DistributedHTTPsession's correctly (I am using the ALL config, with the jbossha-httpsession.sar added to deploy).

      To perform the IP failover and load balancing, I am using Wackamole running on spread. The IP's are migrating properly.

      The problem is that after an IP is migrated/load balanced to a new JBoss host, the session is always created from scratch, even when using a fresh session that was just used moments before.

      Where am I going wrong? Do I have to mark my war file distributable in order for the HTTP sessions to be distributed? If so where?

      Thanks for any insight anyone can provide