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    Need help in Tab Panel and tomahawk inputDate

    Mitesh Panchal Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am facing some css related issue of Tab Panel..
      In my application I have main page which contains Rich Tab Panel. I have three tabs. In each tab i am including a JSP page.Included JSP page contains t:inputDate component.
      When I execute at that time included page is shown correctly but when i click on popup calendar button of the date component at that time calender is not shown just bellow the date component. but it shows popuped calender far bellow from date compoent..

      It might be problem related to CSS of rich:tabPanel.. can any one pls tell me which class of the rich:tabPanel I override so I am able to see calender just bellow the tomahawk date component.

      Or is there any other solution.

      Thanks in advance