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    HTTP Session Clustering

    sumeer khosa Newbie


      I am using the latest JBoss 3.0 build from Sourceforge for clustering. I have two JBoss servers setup on my network. When i start the servers, they do recognize each others existance on the network through JBoss clustering. But i am having issues with HttpSession clustering. I have done following for my app.
      1. I am using an Apache mod_jk load balancer in front of each Jboss instance.
      2. I have made my web app distributable in web.xml file.
      3. I have set in the the following enteries in jboss-service.xml file:

      My understanding is that if one of my servers goes down, the client should be automatically redirected to the second server within same sessiocontext. But when i bring down one of my servers, it is not happening. I may mention that both of these JBoss instances have their own Apache web servers with following declarations for mod_jk in their individual httpd.conf files:

      ProxyRequests On
      ProxyPass /jboss
      ProxyPassReverse /jboss
      ProxyPass /jboss
      ProxyPassReverse /jboss

      Am I missing something in the whole set up to enable http session clustering? Any help will be appreciated.