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    Clustering Architecture

    Thekepat Sudesh Newbie

      We are moving over from Weblogic 6.1 -> JBoss. Haven't gotten the JBOSS Clustering Doc yet, so bear with my Weblogic terms . The problem is my architecture. I have a JMS Server that has several Queues and Topics. I plan to have to have 2 clusters and one Admin server. The JMS Server is bound to the admin server. The EJB JAR (consists of an Message Driven Bean + Stateless Sessions)
      is deployed to the managed servers. How do I load balance so that any client when it does a send on the Message
      to a queue has it round robined to the EJBs on the Managed servers. In Weblogic 7.0 , using distributed
      Destinations it is a reality. Note The client is static
      and cannot use the Connections factories each time to
      look up.
      Thanx to all,