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    Clustering without IP multicasting.

    Simo Simo Newbie

      I am trying to build a HA-JNDI cluster that spans across two subnets and can't rely on multicast packets being propagated from one subnet to another.

      Example scenario: Three nodes in partition "Main", two running in subnet 100.100.1.x and one running in subnet 100.100.2.x. Currently the nodes in subnet 1 share their naming context, but are unaware of the node in subnet 2, since no multicast packets can reach across.

      What would be my options? Is there currently a configuration mode that would make this type of cluster work, or should I try to see what can be done by using JavaGroups API's directly? I am using Jboss version 3.0.0.

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          Greg Turner Apprentice

          JavaGroups is highly configurable and can be configured for other protocols. Check out their website for details. www.javagroups.com

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            Bela Ban Master

            Hi Simo,

            there's a couple of ways you can configure JavaGroups to do without IPMCAST:

            - Use multiple UDP packets instead of 1 multicast packet. I doubt thought that this is going to work for you because if your router/bridge drops IPMCAST, then it will probably also drop UDP packets

            - Use TCP and a gossip server: TCP establishes TCP connections between members and uses a so-called Gossip server (Java process) to lookup the initial membership (so members find each other).

            - If you know on which hosts you will be running instances of JavaGroups (JBoss), you can get away without the Gossip server by using the TCP:TCPPING protocols.

            Have a look at http://www.javagroups.com/javagroupsnew/docs/newuser/node63.html

            It explain how to setup such a configuration.

            I suggest you use some JavaGroups demo such as org.javagroups.demos.Draw to test this out before running JBoss.