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    ClusteredHTTPSession mystery

    Dorothy Gantenbein Newbie

      Hi -

      I am working on the Resin Plugin for JBoss 3.0.1. I am trying to get the replicated HTTP session using the ClusteredHTTPSession implementations.

      After carefully reviewing the Catalina and Jetty implementations, I have a very similar implementation. The HTTP session implements the SerializableHttpSession. I can watch the session being added to the ClusteredHTTPSession and I can locally retrieve the session from ClusteredHTTPSession. However, the session never replicates to other nodes!

      I have tried changing the HAPartition partition properties to TCP connections thinking that the nodes cannot communicate. Still does not work. Based on the log messages, the nodes find each other.

      Finally, I tried to run Jetty with replicated HTTP sessions but just get InvalidClassExceptions.

      Any suggestions? Thanks...