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    seanxu Newbie

      two JBoss instances running on the same host. Instance1 use 1100 as HAJNDI port and Instance2 uses 2100 as HAJNDI. I run the client from another machine. My client program call a statefull session bean to print out a int. After the first it wait for a keystroke to proceed with the second call.

      Both instances are started and deployed with the same session bean. Start client 1, client 1 print a int and wait for keystroke. I can see the request went ro Instance1. Start client 2, client 2 print a int and wait for keystroke. I can see the request went to Instance1 again!!!

      Now there are two current users, should JBoss load balance the request so that two Instances get equal load?

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          Sacha Labourey Master

          Hello SeanX,

          Load-Balancing policy is *in* the client proxy. So if you use two different client, each will have its own proxy i.e. its own logic.

          You should either:
          - perform more than one call with the same client
          - use Branch_3_2 (or HEAD) and use the Random load-balancing policy.



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            seanxu Newbie

            Thanks for the reply. It explains the behavior.

            Would it be possible to instrument load balancing policy on the server side. We are hosting site serving thousands of users and typically one client instance per user. Although Random policy on the client side do provide some load balance, if the policy is on the server side, would it be more choices in terms of load balancing policy?