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    HttpSessionListener problem in cluster

    Jake Fear Newbie

      Hi, I am having a problem with HttpSession replication using the binary version of JBoss-3.0.2 and Tomcat4.0.4. I use an HttpSessionListener to initialize a data structure when sessions are created. It works fine in an unclustered environment, but not when I am clustered. If I remove the functionality (which is not realistic for our deployment, we need the capability).

      I have attached the trace, but here is the summary. When the session is created and the sessionCreated(...) method of my HttpSessionListener is called I attempt to call HttpSession.setAttribute(..., ...) to initialize the data structure. The data structure is serializable (I have attached the code for it as well). When I attempt the call an IllegalStateException is thrown telling me the session has been invalidated. I don't see how this could be true since it is in the sessionCreated(..) method of the listener. Does anyone have any insight into this?