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    Sessions still not replicating

    Jake Fear Newbie

      Hi, I seem to have all of clustering working except for the session state replication. Even the logs seem to suggest there there is information flowing between the server nodes. The jsessionid ends in **.myJvmRoute for the respective servers. I am using JBoss-3.0.2-tomcat with may application no longer in the "/" context. When I ctrl-C an active server the mod-jk plugin attempts to fail over to the other server, but it forces me to log in again, and session data is not present.

      Any help would be appreciated. As I am not getting any stack traces I'm not sure what to attach. Suggestions?

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          Cosmotic Newbie

          For session clustering to work, you have to disable sticky sessions of course, i.e. *remove* jvmRoute from your configuration, so that it doesn't add anything at the end of the session id.

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            Jake Fear Newbie

            Well that seems obvious in hindsight . Thank you very much, I am up and running now!


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              Jake Fear Newbie

              I have some other posts, but I thought continuing this would be appropriate. I have tried to migrate my previous configuration to a new JBoss version (JBoss-3.0.3 with tomcat 4.1.12) and I am having some trouble with it. I have resorted to sticky sessions for now, but that will not work long term.

              I am guessing that the problem is related to moving to several machines. Even when my jsessionid ends in ** it is forcing me to login again (immediately) when I hit the front end load balancer. So I am not getting sticky sessions, and the session id looks right. I am also not getting any errors about replcation. So, I am guess that it is either a newer version of JBoss or Tomcat, or the fact that I am not longer attempting this all on one machine. Can someone enlighten me on the meaning of the defaultHost and name parameters to the Engine and Host directives in tomcat41-service.xml file? Do I need to change the values here to match up with my workers.properties file?

              Thanks Jake

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                Jake Fear Newbie

                I have attached log files for anyone who may be able to help me. It looks as if the sessions are replicating in the logs, but I don't understand the rest of the javagroups chatter going on. Please help...