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    Entity Synchronization

    Steve Park Newbie

      I've been using JBoss for about a year but I'm new to clustering. I'm using the jboss-3.0.1_tomcat-4.0.4 bundle with a PostgreSQL database on two RH 7.3 servers. When I deploy my ear to the farm directory, I get the normal startup messages on both servers. The problem I'm having is that the data from any new beans I create are only showing up in one database. If my application logs on to the server that has the data it works fine, but I get a bunch of entity not found exceptions when it logs on to the other. I've tried setting my transaction isolation level to serializable and set row-locking to true in my deployment descriptor (separately and together) and neither setting has made any difference. It's urgent that I get this working A.S.A.P. Please help!