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    prabakar Newbie

      Hi Am new to JBOSS server. I need help on JBOSS/clustering. please help me


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          Sacha Labourey Master

          yes, no problem, wait a minute....

          ... (abracadabra) ...

          ... OK, you should be super-smart now.

          (And if it doesn't work, you may try to read the JBoss clustering documentation first. But that may fail as well.)

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            joe Newbie

            . . . because the documentation is crap!

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              Sacha Labourey Master

              which part? Feedback welcome.



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                John Leveille Newbie

                Ok. Here is some constructive feedback ...

                I have been playing around with clustering a bit and happened upon something useful to the newbie and also useful if you want to tweak the cluster-service.xml distributed with JBoss to be a bit nicer for others just starting out.

                I followed the directions at
                and it was, indeed, very simple to just plop cluster-service.xml into my deploy directory and go into cluster mode. However, to my surprise, I joined a cluster that was already running on my company internal network. Ooops, sorry guys, didn't mean to crash your party ...

                So I started trying to figure out how to define cluster membership or at least segregate loosely defined clusters. After tromping through the source code I found that I could put


                in the MBean definitions for three of the four beans in cluster-service.xml and my server was deployed with clustering that did not interfere with the other cluster on my company network. Woohoo!

                My suggestion is that you update the stock cluster-service.xml to have these attributes in the proper locations with a note about changing the name to avoid colliding with others. To the newbies out there -- I suggest that you edit cluster-service.xml and put the above line of XML inside the MBean defintion for the ClusterPartition, HASessionStateService, and HANamingService beans. Then change all occurrences of "MyTestCluster" to some name you choose.

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                  Sacha Labourey Master

                  Hello John,

                  Thank you for your constructive comment. You are right, and it is on the TODO list for ALL JBoss services: we will put, in the service definitions, all possible attributes with their current default values so it is easier:
                  - to understand the current behaviour
                  - to know what can be changed
                  - to change values

                  If you give me a totally processed cluster-service.xml file, I will commit it though.

                  Thank you. Cheers,