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    O'Reilly Workbook + clustering = ObjectNotFoundException

    Steve Fisher Newbie

      Having just lost my detailed post when attempting to spell check I hope you don't mind brevity on the 2nd attempt (as well as the odd typo).

      The JBoss release I'm using is the 3.0.3 Tomcat version.

      I've setup a 2 node cluster (Linux & XP) both running
      JDK 1.4.0 with farming enabled to deploy the EX04_1
      examples. Both of the example clients run but throw the exception: javax.ejb.ObjectNotFoundException

      However, the databases appear to have been updated correctly. As a newbie to JBoss I've probably not configured something correctly. Any ideas?

      I do have the documentation so I know that there is no
      cache for Entity beans, but I was expecting that the client should be able to find the instances that it had created.

      Also with the database updates distributed between both nodes how can I achieve high availability other than by
      using database replication technology? It seems to me that if one node dies that half the created instances will no longer be available.