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    partitions with cluster-service.xml

    Simo Simo Newbie

      I have a question about the cluster-service.xml file and how to set it up so that I could have two independent partitions within one IP subnet. My setup is something
      like this:

      I am trying to set up two partitions, P1 and P2. For simplicity, both should consist of 2 servers:
      A,B belonging to partition P1 and C,D to partition P2. All servers are connected to same IP subnet and have addresses ranging from to

      The servers in partitions P1 and P2 would be deploying
      objects that are otherwise identical, but contain business data which divides them into different application specific domains and should not be treated as equal by the clients. This means that entity bean B1 is deployed in all four servers, but both the clustering service and the clients connecting through naming service should be able to differentiate between B1's in partition P1 and P2, since the bean B1
      contains data that is only meaningful to a particular
      application specific domain.

      Basically I am trying to implement these 'business domains' by the partitions P1 and P2. If a client attempts to contact bean B1 using partition/domain P1 and for some reason both servers (A and B) in this partition are down, the client should fail and not try to use the B1 beans from partition P2.

      Is there a way to set up the cluster-service.xml file so that the partitions P1 and P2 would be created and they
      would behave like this?


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          Sacha Labourey Master

          You should start by reading the doco.

          Yes, it is possible, simply deploy different cluster-service.xml files for each different cluster. What makes the difference is the Partition name: each node that belongs to a given partition (identified by the node), will only see and share cluster-object with nodes belonging to the partition with the same name.



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            Simo Simo Newbie

            Thanks for the quick response.
            I have read the JBoss Clustering doc, and it does a good job specifying the service, especially knowing that you are busy implementing the new features. I should have also mentioned that I run version 3.0.3.

            I guess where I was thrown off was the actual semantics of the cluster-service.xml file. I include my version of the partition P1's file below. The servers in partition P2 deploy similar file, exept all occurences of 'P1' are switched to 'P2'. Can you tell why this would not work:






            Thanks again,