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    modaless ajax window component - feature request

    Alexander Furer Newbie

      Are you planing to provide modaless ajax window component(like in gmail user info popup) ?
      This is very similar to modalPanel, except it has no gray frame that covers all the html page and it disapears in N seconds after onmouseout.
      Tomahawk has such t:popup control, but ajax version is very attractive.

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          rich:toolTip component is currently in the Requirement Specification phase. It will support both - ajax and client modes

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            I was browsing the jboss site looking for infos regarding future components and came along this posting.
            Additionally I found a list of planned componnents on the Rich Faces Wiki (http://labs.jboss.com/wiki/RichFaces) under the heading "Roadmap" but it lists several components that already exist whereas the ToolTip Component is not listed.

            I'd like to post a list of components that are not yet avaiable in the Rich Faces suite but are present in other JSF Component suites.

            I believe it would be nice if customers/users were given more insight on the planned future components. Perhaps someone could comment on each component on the following list, giving a short note on if and when such a component will be provided.

            I've been evaluating the best JSF Component suite for my taste and it is hard to decide which one to choose. I don't like combining several suites so I need to find a favorite. I like Rich Faces a lot as it seems to have a very nice approach for a couple of thinks like AJAX and skinning and I also like that the tabs are available in several switch modes including full client side rendering.
            The only thing that prevents me from determining a clear winner in the field is that Rich Faces currently lacks very important components while other suites are very complete in this area for example Oracle's soon to be open-sourced ADF Rich Client Faces.

            So here's my wishlist.
            As said, it would be nice if someone could comment on it, or even better, update the wiki.

            thanks a lot in advance

            - Date Picker

            - Color Picker

            - Tooltip

            - Window / Overlay

            - Split Pane

            - Inline Frame (see ADF Rich Faces)

            - File Upload

            - File Picker (see Woodstock)
            (with bridges to several filesystems, including JCR repositories)

            - Progress Bar

            - Table with sortable, resizeable and draggable columns and selectable rows and columns
            ( see Oracle's ADF Rich Client Faces Preview )

            - Tree Table
            ( see Oracle's ADF Rich Client Faces Preview )

            - Chart Component
            ( see Apache Trinidad or ICEFaces )

            - Editor Component
            ( like FCKEditor, also see Apache Tomahawk)

            - Effects (see ICE Faces )

            - Layouts
            - FormLayout (see ADF Faces)
            - Border Layout (see ADF Faces, ICE Faces)
            - Stacking Panel (see ADF Faces, ICE Faces)

            - Validators

            - Media Output (see ADF Rich Faces)

            - Input Range Slider (see ADF Rich Faces)

            - Select Many Shuttle with and without ordering (see ADF Rich Faces)

            - Breadcrumbs (see ADF Rich Faces)

            - Process Train (see ADF Rich Faces)

            - XML Pretty Printer

            - Source code Pretty Printer

            - Support for "printable page" behaviour.

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              By the way, my most highly prioritized components currently missing are the following:

              Prio A+:
              Layouts, Tooltip, DatePicker, SelectManyShuttle

              Prio A-:
              Split Pane, "rich" Table, TreeTable

              Prio B:
              PrettyPrinters, Color Picker, FileUpload, Charts, Media Output, Breadcrumbs