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    HTTP Session Clustering  failing in JBoss 3.0.1

    sumeer khosa Newbie


      We are trying to deploy our app(primarily JSPs/Servlets/Classes) on to WinXP/NT based boxes with a hardware based load balancing on the front end. We are using JBoss 3.0.1 with Jetty embedded web server. We have done everything as per the JBoss docs for session clustering. The nodes are able to identify each other in the cluster. Everytime a node comes alive or goes down, we get appropriate notification messages on the console of the clustered nodes, but we are not able to achieve Session clustering.
      We tried putting in the LAST clustering recommendation (as per Jboss docs if everything else fails) into our cluster-service.xml.

      TCP(start_port=7800):TCPPING(initial_hosts=[7800] ;port_range=5;timeout=3000;num_initial_members=2;up_thread=true;down_thread=true):VERIFY_SUSPECT(timeout=1500;down_thread=false;up_thread=false):pbcast.STABLE(desired_avg_gossip=20000;down_thread=false;up_thread=false):pbcast.NAKACK(down_thread=true;up_thread=true;gc_lag=100;retransmit_timeout=3000):pbcast.GMS(join_timeout=5000;join_retry_timeout=2000;shun=false;print_local_addr=false;down_thread=true;up_thread=true)

      This also does not seem to be working.

      Any clues/pointers will be extremely helpful as we are approaching a production dead line.