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    How to toggle clustering

    Gary Struthers Newbie

      Can anyone tell me what are the minimum steps needed to turn off clustering?

      Is it necessary to:
      Comment out distributable in web.xml
      Comment out clustered for all ejbs in jboss.xml
      Remove libraries needed for clustering, all of them?

      I'd prefer not to have 2 sets of deployment configurations.

      Strange this isn't a FAQ.


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          Sacha Labourey Master

          Well, that the opposite of the question:

          "How do I turn on clustering?"

          The answer could be (either):
          - use the "all" configuration
          - deploy the "cluster-service.xml" in deploy

          Consequently, to turn off clustering (either):
          - use the "default" configuration
          - remove "cluster-service.xml" from server/all/deploy

          You will then to update depending configuration/services such as:
          - farming
          - EJB configuration
          - WAR configuration

          But this is not a clustering issue but a configuration issue (dependency management)