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    ClusteredSession-Tomcat / session attribute not replicated

    david klimek Newbie


      when I change in my clustered application session attribute (session.setAttribute("clust_attr","1") this change is only visible on node where it was changed and is not replicated to another cluster node.

      But session is well clustered and has same ID and creation time on both cluster nodes.

      It seems that not only session attributes but also session last acces time is not actualized and is differend on both nodes.

      It looks like the clustered session is replicated only first time and then each node has its own session instance and changes are not propagated to other nodes.

      I have two node (jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.0.6) cluster on one machine(ports changed).

      All jboss configuration.

      Instant Snapshoting.

      apache + mod_proxy for testing


      Thank you for any advice.