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    Inter-partition communications


      I believe there's a small logic error in org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext which I'll attempt to demonstrate.

      We have two heterogeneous partitions. While each partition is homogeneous, they are heterogeneous to each other. A service in PartitionA needs to access PartitionB. I create my InitialContext with the jnp.partitionName property set and end up getting a context on my own server. If I set the Context.PROVIDER_URL instead, I can access PartitionB.

      The issue is the way the checkRef method of NamingContext works. Currently (at least in the 3.0.4 and 3.0.5RC1 releases), the method works like this:
      1. If Context.PROVIDER_URL is set, attempt to get a connection using it
      a) if server is null, discoverServer
      2. When Context.PROVIDER_URL is null or empty, set server to localServer
      b) if server is null, discoverServer

      This does not allow for a server in PartitionA to get a context to a server in PartitionB without having a list of provider urls. I've changed the code like this:

      < // Use server in same JVM
      < naming = localServer;
      -> if (refEnv.get(JNP_PARTITION_NAME) != null)
      -> {
      -> naming = discoverServer(refEnv);
      -> }
      -> if (naming == null)
      -> {
      -> // Use server in same JVM
      -> naming = localServer;

      < if (naming == null)
      < {
      < naming = discoverServer (refEnv);
      -> if (naming == null)
      -> {
      -> if (refEnv.get(JNP_PARTITION_NAME) == null
      -> {
      -> naming = discoverServer (refEnv);
      -> }
      if (naming == null)
      // Local, but no local JNDI provider found!
      throw new ConfigurationException ("No valid Context.PROVIDER_URL was found");
      < }
      -> }
      -> }

      This is a little ugly, but I wanted to keep the logic for the short-circuit in place if jnp.partitionName wasn't set.

      Am I correct in believing that jnp.partitionName should be respected when getting an InitialContext from within a server? If not, is there another way for us to achieve what we want without resorting to a list of provider urls?