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    Farming problem

    lumin Newbie

      Hi all,

      I tried to establish farming, but after deploying farm-service.xml I get that exception:org.jboss.system.MissingAttributeException: Missing attribute 'Deployer'. Ok, it's no problem to add a Deployer attribute within the mbean service, but I have no idea about how to set this attribute!? Clustering doc doesn't refer to an attribute like this. Any suggestions?

      Best regards,

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          JMC Newbie

          You're right, the docs don't refer to this attribute. I found it while googling the problem. Short answer is to add the following line to your farm-service.xml file:

          <depends optional-attribute-name="Deployer">jboss.system:service=MainDeployer

          That should take care of it for you.