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    Sacha Labourey Master


      JBoss 3.0.6 just went out recently. It can be downloaded here:

      As this release fixes *many* bugs (SFSB code, new release of JavaGroups, etc.) I strongly recommend to update to this version if that is possible for you.

      If that is not possible, please use the most recent version that fits your environment.

      If you don't, the risk is high that my first answer to your question be something like "upgrade to 3.0.6 and tell me how it behaves, release 3.0.x is considered as very old now" (where x < 6) ;)

      Except bug fixes and much better performance with SFSB, this release also defines all optional attributes in cluster-service.xml (even the JavaGroups stack), which is very useful, when you have to modify something. Further releases will also see the number of threads used by JG decrease.

      For **Windows** users, please take a look at the HAPartition definition in cluster-service.xml. Update the JavaGroups stack definition so that the "loopback" attribute is set to "true". This will allows you to circumvents many "Windows Media Sense" problems, one of them being a bug which forbid any multicast communications after a cable is unplugged and repluged from the network adapter...

      To synthetize, here are the modifications I suggest to Windows users:
      - update cluster-service.xml to active the JG "loopback" attribute (see above)
      - read http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q239924 and disable the MediaSense feature if you don't need it
      - make sure you have an IP address (if you are using DHCP, you may not have one at the time you start JBoss)

      Once done, everything will work fine on Windows computers.

      And remember, when asking for support, always indicate:
      - the accurate JBoss version (3.0.6 for example)
      - the stacktrace(s)
      - if no stacktrace occurs because the system seems to be hung, provide a thread stack dump (CTRL+BREAK on Windows computers, CTRL+\ or "kill -QUIT process_id" on Unix)
      - accurtely define your environment and what you are trying to do

      If you are sure to have found a bug (or if we agree that there is a bug), please post in on SourceForge directly to make sure I don't forget it: