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    HTTPSession replication to *each* node? creating a new threa

    Emerson Cargnin Newbie

      My reply to the thread with the same subject didn't work, don't know why, so i'm creating a new one.

      Jules this message is a reply for yours...

      > you are using Jetty, in a recent JBoss, with JGStore as >your distribution mechanism (it's the default), then >there is an attribute that you can set to >compartmentalise nodes into subclusters.

      recent jboss, you mean 3.0.6?
      is there some where I can find a how-to to configure this??

      >Limitations to the current state of the impl are :

      >1. sticky sessions are not yet supported - distribution >is synchronous.

      why sticky session is not supported, isn't the load-balancer (mod_jk in
      my case) that will choose the server?? sorry for my ignorancem, but what
      being synchronous has to do with this?? could you expand on this?

      >2. distribution is only done on an explicit mutation of >the session -i.e. putting a reference to a mutable >object into the session and then fiddling with that >object will not cause it to be distributed. In this case >call setAttribute(key,val) again when you want >distribution.

      ok. the framework could nest into the object (using equals, for example)
      to see if has changed, isn't?

      >3. seLastAccessedTime() is distributed every time - >inefficient. I have various plans for batching these >calls up and only distributing them every minute or so - >NYI.



      >Distribution is done via JavaGroups, on an
      >attribute-by-attribute basis...

      >HttpSession clusters/channels and JBoss > clusters/channels are orthogonal.

      you mean that for SFSB and http-session are distributed in the same way?
      BTW, are SFSB currently using sub-particions?? I undertood, for what i
      read in some threads, that sub-particions will be available (either in
      httpsessions ou SFSB) when detached-invokers where ready??
      could you tell me how is the current state of this??

      >Is this of any use to you ?

      of course, thanks a lot.

      Me and a coleague are making a article for a brazillian java magazine about clustering with focus on JBoss, so i'd like to give an idea about what are the future features of jboss related to cluster.

      could you tell me any other future feature?

      Thanks a lot