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    Once again: Stateless SB and Round Robin

    H.-C.Gürsoy Newbie

      (pls excuse me, if this post is doubled or so, but my browser reported an error)

      Hi Folks,

      have done some trys today on my little JB cluster with two linux boxes.

      I have a small app with two SLSB and two EB's (session facade pattern).

      Then the jb's start up evrything looks ok, and for me it looks like that both nodes see each other (log output if one goes down or starts up and notifications about the deployed beans).

      Now i have done some stress testing and can not see any load balancing :-( Only the one server is stressed to thom i send the requests.

      I'm using JB 3.0.6/TC4.1.18-bundle on a SuSe 7.2 and RedHat 6 HA.
      I'm accesing the SLSB through a servlet, there i cache the home and remote-object for these (as mentioned @ page 37 of the clstering doc).

      Any hints that i can do to solve this problem?