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    Isolating Jboss 3.0.4 clusters on same network

    sumeer khosa Newbie


      I have 4 jboss instances running on my network. Two boxes each are hosting two different apps. Everything working great including session failover. But when i start booting up say box 3, it identifies box 1,2 and 4 also and subsequently sessions are clustered across all the 4 boxes though they are running two diff apps and dont need to.

      Is there anyway i can isolate clusters? I believe jboss3.0.4 needs 'DefaultPartion' to start session services. I tried 3.0.6 build from sourceforge but it would not even start the distributable session manager, so cant use that.

      I have tried TCPing in "partition properties" tag in cluster-service.xml. It looks like:

      TCP(start_port=7800):TCPPING(initial_hosts=[other box][1091];port_range=5;timeout=3000;num_initial_members=2;down_thread=true):VERIFY_SUSPECT(timeout=1500;down_thread=false;up_thread=false):pbcast.STABLE(desired_avg_gossip=20000;down_thread=false;up_thread=false):pbcast.NAKACK(down_thread=true;gc_lag=100;retransmit_timeout=3000):pbcast.GMS(join_timeout=5000;join_retry_timeout=2000;shun=false;print_local_addr=false;down_thread=true;up_thread=true)

      where [otherbox] contains the IP of my box 2 and i have similar entry in box 2's cluster-service.xml for box1. Now the boxes cant even identify each other when i start the up.

      Could anyone tell me whats wrong in this? Or for that matter whats the best way to isolate clusters on same network. Any help will be appreciated.